Everything you need to know about AgilgSHIFT - Orbus Software

White Paper May 19, 2023

Explore the new AgileSHIFT framework from AXELOS, including the benefits for both organizations and individuals, in our ultimate guide!

More and more businesses in today’s world are having to adapt and improve their processes and ways of working to keep up with modern standards. Indeed, the ability to evolve is essential for corporate longevity. This drive for 'enterprise agility' is deciding the future of industries all over the world, and any businesses that remain static inevitably leave themselves vulnerable to the hungry, agile disruptors that continue to characterize the Digital Age.

So, how do you enable enterprise agility in your own organization? This is where the AgileSHIFT framework comes in.

AgileSHIFT was created by AXELOS and is designed to enable enterprise agility by creating organization-wide cultures that support it. As well as creating new opportunities for change, AgileSHIFT ensures that change initiatives are fully supported by all departments, maximizing both efficiency and any potential benefits.

Our guide to AgileSHIFT will explain everything you need to know about the new framework from AXELOS, including the many benefits for both organizations and individuals interested in enterprise agility and business transformation.