The Agile Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architecture May 19, 2023

A paper looking at implementing Agile at the Enterprise-wide level and some principles that Agile Enterprise Architects should consider for success.

In today’s growing digital economy, organizations are continually challenged to deliver robust solutions within shorter and shorter timeframes.  Large organizations, particularly those in heavily regulated industries, often face an even higher burden of ensuring additional risk management and  mitigation controls are in place. This can add extra layers to the work, and may slow progress down.  In order to accelerate productivity, many development communities have turned to Agile Software Delivery methods as a means of increasing their delivery velocity.

In this paper, Guy Sereff briefly discusses basic Agile concepts to establish a baseline for the dialog.  He then looks at common challenges facing organizations that attempt to implement Agile at the Enterprise-wide level to set the scoping context.  Finally, he discusses the five principles that potential (and existing) Agile Enterprise Architects should consider in order to increase their effectiveness and likelihood of success.