4 Tips for Successful EA Tool Implementation

Enterprise Architecture May 19, 2023

Ross Hocking offers four tips for successful Enterprise Architecture tool implementation in this white paper from Orbus Software.

When implementing an Enterprise Architecture (EA) tool, there are many factors which influence its success including the number of users, expectations of usage within the user community and stakeholder attitude. Although these variables are important, the team implementing the tool can help to mitigate these risk factors by making good decisions throughout the implementation process.

The four tips in this white paper are essentially key decision points within the deployment process, along with some guidance to help navigate through these decision points. The content of this paper is based partly on research and partly on experiences of over fifty EA tool deployments over nearly ten years.

Tip 1 – Select the Most Practical Metamodel

Probably the most important factor when implementing an EA tool is which metamodel to support. Successful implementations often look back upon this decision as having been a critical success factor. When the metamodel chosen is incompatible with the organization, common complaints include:

  • I don’t understand how to create the views I require with the viewpoints available
  • I know I can’t create the views I require with the viewpoints available
  • Consistently I am unable to create the relationships I need to build my model

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