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Business Capability Model Starter Pack

Poster May 19, 2023

The business capability model is a key business architecture viewpoint - download a free Visio template and stencil here.

Improve Understanding of Your Business Capabilities

Are you able to effectively exploit your business capabilities? How well are they understood within your company?

Business capabilities are essential to your organization’s ability to function within normal parameters. These high level concepts belong to the business layer of an enterprise architecture, and act as fundamental building blocks and incorporate a number of different components ranging from technology and information to processes or even people.

Taking it just a step further, a business capability model is a key architecture viewpoint that depicts the capabilities an enterprise requires to deliver upon its strategy. Beyond helping you highlight capabilities, models may provide additional value by clarifying how mature they are – by evaluating against multiple dimensions such as people, process, and technology. What’s more, a capability model can support architects in communicating insights to business stakeholders via heatmaps that make information more easily digestible.

In light of this, we are pleased to offer our free Business Capability Model Starter Pack to help you achieve the objectives listed above.

Within the Business Capability Model Starter Pack you’ll get:

  • A business capability model Visio template
  • Notation for describing the business capabilities of an organization
  • Heat map options for displacing the capability and importance

Download now and ensure a great start when embarking on your capability modeling and business architecture initiatives.

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