Business Capability Model Starter Pack

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A business capability is a capacity that a business exhibits, which is considered essential to the organization’s ability to function within normal parameters. Business capabilities belong to the business layer of an enterprise architecture, and are high-level concepts. What this means is they act as fundamental building blocks and as such may incorporate a number of different components ranging from technology components and information to processes or even people.

Taking it just a step further, a business capability model is quite simply a key business architecture viewpoint that depicts the capabilities that an enterprise requires in order to deliver against the agreed upon strategy. Beyond helping you highlight the capabilities of your organization, capability models may provide additional value by clarifying how mature these are (by evaluating against multiple dimensions such as people, process, and technology). What’s more, a capability model can also aid architects communicate insights to business stakeholders by making information more easily digestible via heatmaps.

In light of this, Orbus Software are pleased to offer a free Visio template of a business capability model as well as a stencil pack to help you achieve the objectives listed above. Downloading the Business Capability Model Starter Pack will ensure you and your team are off to a great start when embarking on your business architecture initiative.

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Business Capability Model Starter Pack
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