Cyber Security and Risk Management

Identify and manage risks and cyber threats to your business and IT landscape

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Manage cyber security risks associated with
technical debt and cloud applications

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Assess application risk and security

Determine which applications are exposing you to security risks
  • Manage applications that have high, medium and low levels of technical debt
  • Analyse active applications that process sensitive data
  • Determine which applications have identified security risks

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Identify the impact of technology obsolescence

Address business capabilities at risk
  • Identify the technology obsolescence risk levels of applications and their associated capabilities
  • Assess risks to business capabilities based on application lifecycle
  • Understand technology obsolescence risks of applications and capabilities involving the processing of sensitive data

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Internal Lifestyle Phase

Assess risks associated with cloud apps

Understand business risks associated with cloud components
  • Prioritize risk mitigation by categorizing the severity of cloud vulnerabilities
  • Evaluate risks by cloud component, capabilities, application by cloud component or capability by cloud component
  • Assess threats based on the application lifecycle, capability strategic importance of the cap

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Measure risk mitigation progress

Measure the progress made to mitigate cyber security and other risk
  • Assess the evolution of application and technology risk impacting business capabilities
  • Categorize obsolescence risk to prioritize mitigation strategies

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"Extremely simple & innovative way to EA - two thumbs up!"

Senior Principal Architect in the Communication Sector

"We have been satisfied with the products and the vendor. The timeline for major release slipped once, but the vendor was completely transparent and delivered what they promised."

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"A simple tool understandable by our business and manageable by a small team. The support team is very nice and reactive!"

Project and Process Manager in the Finance Sector 

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Cyber Security and Risk Management

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