Strategic Planning Solution

Chart Your Course To Success, from Vision to Execution



Establish a clear vision with a range of out of the box strategic planning capabilities and identify the business capabilities needed to achieve your strategic goals



EA focused only on IT planning and rationalization

EA teams providing solutions for both the business and IT

IT’s roadmap divergent with business strategy

IT Projects and investments aligned to business objectives ;

Guesswork and delay in strategic decision-making

Faster, smarter decisions driving strategy execution

Lack of business capabilities to deliver on strategy

Mature business capabilities enabling strategic goals


strategic planning benefits

Maximise business value with powerful strategic planning tools


Strategic Alignment

Ensures your enterprise architecture aligns with the business strategy and objectives

  • Capture and model strategic goals and priorities
  • Design transition architectures that support strategic direction
  • Promote synergy and cohesion between business and IT

Agility and Adaptability

Enable architects to be agile and adaptable in response to changing business needs and technological advancements

  • Anticipate and prepare for future challenges and opportunities
  • Proactively design architectures that are adaptable and resilient
  • Combine strategic planning with EA to catalyse business transformation

Risk Mitigation

Empower EA to proactively identify and mitigate risks through architectural design 

  • Map and analyse business, technology, and operational risks 
  • Mitigate risks through architecture design, and governance frameworks 
  • Safeguard critical assets, ensure business continuity, and enhance resilience 

Value Creation

Deliver business outcomes and tangible value to the organisation 

  • Identify opportunities to enhance operational efficiency and drive innovation 
  • Map the business capabilities and tech investments required to deliver value 
  • Achieve desired outcomes, improve customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive edge 



A ‘Leader’ in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for EA Tools

Named a Customer's Choice with 72% of reviews being 5 stars and 25% being 4 stars


Exploring AI in Enterprise Architecture

Delve into the transformative potential of AI for Enterprise Architecture, as detailed in the Gartner Use Case…

Strategic planning use cases

Realize Strategic Planning use cases faster with prepackaged toolkits

Business Strategy Modeling

Develop a structured representation of your organization's strategic objectives, goals, and initiatives 

  • Translate high-level vision and mission into specific, measurable, attainable objectives 
  • Leverage best practice templates such as Business Model Canvas and Strategy on a Page 
  • Develop strategic roadmaps to align planned initiatives with desired business outcomes 
  • Map your strategic goals to required technology investments and business capabilities 
  • Use strategy models to guide definition of business, technology and data architectures 

Business Capability Management

Identify and manage the core capabilities required to achieve your strategic objectives 

  • Build a structured, centralised catalogue of business capabilities and their definitions 
  • Get started effortlessly with our pre-packaged kits, tailored for crafting comprehensive business capability maps to represent your business operations
  • Pinpoint and flag the critical capabilities required to achieve specific strategic goals  
  • Use capability maturity assessment to identify areas that need strengthening 
  • Socialise results and insights with stakeholders with easily digestible visualizations
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