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New regulations for UK-based banks and insurers have come into force. Firms will have only three years to comply fully, and regulators in the US look set to follow the UK lead and introduce similar legislation.

Our Operational Resilience checklist will give you the knowledge and tools you need to get a head start.

US Operational Resilience Regulations Are Coming Soon
  • Well prepared firms can gain advantage
  • The time to develop operational resilience is now
  • Proactive measures will strengthen firms in the long run
  • Start learning about the regulations now

Operational Resilience Checklist

Resilience Checklist LP
The UK’s PRA Policy Started 22nd March
  • Operational Resilience will be underpinned by 4 areas
  • Governance, Operational Risk Management, Business Continuity Planning and Management of Outsourced Relationships

Developing Operational Resilience
  • Being resilient isn’t just about compliance, it will improve performance as well
  • Discover the secrets to not just improve resiliency, but develop agility
  • Orbus Software have a proven track record in developing resiliency for financial organizations like YBS in the UK
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