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Manage skill shortages and address technical debt while meeting cybersecurity and regulatory requirements
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Manage Skills Shortages
to Deliver Critical Projects

Hiring challenges and early retirement mean governments need to work smarter and focus on projects with the most impact
  • Prioritize IT projects which have the most impact on government operations
  • Create business and IT roadmaps to ensure sufficient personnel and technology resources are available before starting new initiatives
  • Optimize scarce support resources by removing redundant applications, technology and data

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Yorkshire Building Society Takes Control of Banking Challenges with iServer365


Enterprise Customers


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iServer provides the foundation for an agile approach to digital transformation

Hamilton City Council Maps Organizational DNA with iServer

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"Support from Orbus is excellent. Training and documentation is excellent. Our workflow for managing data in the architecture repository is just what we want - we can take data in Excel spreadsheets that is maintained by other business teams and import it into iServer365"

Enterprise Architect, Government

"iServer is our foundation to becoming a world class Digital Council, by enabling agile design and visualization of our future business services, applications, data intelligence and technology requirements, making the implementation of our initiatives so much easier.”

Neill Crump, Digital Leader at Worcestershire County Council

"iServer has been instrumental in establishing an architecture that guides the development, maintenance, and improvement of our products and services"

Analyst, Government

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Manage Technical Debt and Overcome Project Delays

Due to pandemic restrictions, technical debt piled up while uncompleted projects now need to be addressed
  • Prioritize projects based on value delivered to government department
  • Manage risks and budgets associated with digital transformation projects and IT upgrades
  • Ensure limited resources are utilized efficiently

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Application Landscape and Risk

Keep on Top of Cybersecurity and Regulatory Requirements

As more public services move online, governments need to focus on managing the cybersecurity and regulatory requirements covering their systrems and data
  • Gain visibility into out-of-support applications that may introduce security vulnerabilities
  • Align with best-practice security and compliance frameworks and methodologies
  • Track and report on the maturity of your security practice over time
  • Communicate the potential impact of cybersecurity vulnerabilities with business stakeholders

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Address Market Disruption Through Agility

New technologies, increased customer expectations and fintech disruptors or challengers mean banks have to be agile to compete

  • Increase the speed of decision making by creating a single source of truth
  • Use business and technology roadmaps with business capability mapping to eliminate guesswork when pursuing new innovations

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Cyber Security and Risk Management

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