Business Drivers

IT rationalization

Optimizing IT infrastructure, both hardware and software, is difficult but increasingly vital. The pace of change means that today’s transformative systems are tomorrow's legacy. By closely monitoring and measuring the performance and cost/benefit of IT investments, you can plan and anticipate the changes you need to make

IT Rationalization


IT rationalization makes big demands on Enterprise Architecture

Looking beyond cost-cutting

While reducing costs is a vital goal of IT rationalization, too much focus on reducing costs can lead to missed opportunities.


Use proven methods to give best results

Refine your selections for rationalization candidates and go beyond cost cutting. For example, using Gartner’s methodology within the OrbusInfinity platform means you can decide to Tolerate, Invest, Migrate, or Eliminate applications or infrastructure while keeping business goals in focus.

Addressing complexity

Simplify but not simple

OrbusInfinity identifies critical applications, data, and systems that you will need to rationalize. This can help prioritize your efforts by defining the technical and business changes required

Operational/business impact

Really understand the change

We help you understand the impact of retiring an application or piece of infrastructure. We answer questions such as:

  • How does this affect current users?
  • Is this acceptable?
  • How do we mitigate the risk?

Understanding data implications

The devil is in the data

The nature of the data being processed by any system can have wide-ranging implications. It is vital to understand an application's role in protecting or storing any sensitive data.


Navigating the complexities of IT rationalization

IT rationalization can be a complex and time-consuming process. It needs careful planning, testing, and execution. OrbusInfinity brings the rational to rationalization. It means you’ll never underestimate complexity or miss an opportunity.


Application Portfolio Analysis

Reducing complexity and costs. OrbusInfinity gives architects the information they need, by mapping every application by business and technical fit and demonstrating cost for each.

Data Management

Consolidate while protecting sensitive data. We help you manage data effectively by identifying data sources, data flows, and data dependencies.

IT Landscape Optimization

Assess your complete IT environment. OrbusInfinity gives you comprehensive insight into your IT landscape. You can identify redundancies, gaps, and potential risks, and then plan for rationalization.


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"OrbusInfinity has helped us to improve our ability to share content with several departments. The Portal is very easy to use and it allows us to provide feedback for the content of the repository, so we can make better decisions for the strategy of our organisation"

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