Business Drivers

Mergers and Acquisitions

Integrating systems, tools and platforms is one of the key challenges of M&A. To succeed, you need to make the most of due diligence and integration planning. The correct EA/M&A strategy and execution will reduce customer impact and deliver the best results.

mergers and acquisitions


Making the right choice


M&A does not mean flying blind

Good M&A needs a good fit. You need your EA platform to give you confidence you have assessed assets, liabilities, and risks. For weeding out technical gotchas, fast and comprehensive due diligence is critical.


Giving you insight and control

We deliver the framework for aligning your new technology with new business goals. Orbusinfinity helps identify critical applications, consolidates data and systems, prioritizes integration efforts, and determines the technical and organizational changes required for success.



Delivering on M&A promise

Cost Saving

cost saving


Rationalize and optimize

OrbusInfinity will help Identify areas of redundancy and inefficiency. By making best use of our platform, you can maximize existing IT assets while minimizing integration costs.

We help you evaluate existing IT projects to prioritize and reduce duplication. Our platform helps you explore ways to build and leverage your new shared infrastructure and systems.

Increased efficiency

increased efficiency


Streamline processes and minimize disruption

Visualize “as-is” and “to-be” processes, reduce redundancies, and identify opportunities for consolidation and optimization.

OrbusInfinity helps you Identify:

  • What and where economies of scale have the greatest impact
  • Where synergies exist and where they don’t
  • New ways of doing things - best of breed or step change.

Improved decision making

improved decision making



Gain new insights and act upon them

With OrbusInfinity, you have a complete picture of your new IT landscape. From there, you can:

  • Assess compatibility and identify the real integration challenges
  • Develop a rational and shared integration plan that aligns with business objectives
  • Identify potential data risks and challenges, especially around security, compliance, and governance 
  • Develop mitigation strategies and contingency plans to minimize potential business disruption


Driving M&A success

Mergers and acquisitions need an EA platform built to deliver results


Data Integration

Integrate data from various sources during M&A. Rationalizing and cleansing data sources is key to making informed decisions. We provide a single repository to ensure data consistency and accuracy.

Process Mapping

Map M&A processes. Once you have identified your processes and areas for consolidation, you can model and collaborate to work out existing, transitional and new business processes


Ensure teams from different locations and different departments work together. By providing a common platform, team members work more effectively and ensure that everyone is on the same page - vital in the upheaval that inevitably results from M&A activity.


Customer Success Stories


"The transition from iServer to OrbusInfinity has been an easy decision to make and has tremendously helped in exploiting the platform capabilities to provide senior management with valuable insights and information to enable decision making. I would highly recommend OrbusInfinity as an Enterprise Architecture platform for any organisation in any industry"

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