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mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions

Enterprises emphasizing IT integration in their M&A approach are better positioned to generate enduring value for stakeholders. Truly capitalizing on M&A demands a deep grasp of the IT terrain and the acquired IT assets.

With OrbusInfinity, navigate due diligence, integration strategies, effective communication, and risk management with confidence.


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IT Rationalization

By streamlining IT infrastructure, businesses gain agility, resilience, and a competitive edge. With OrbusInfinity, you'll receive in-depth insights and a strategic rationalization plan that seamlessly aligns your business goals with efficient execution.


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IT Rationalization
cloud migration

Cloud Migration

A Gartner's 2021 report forecasts that by 2025, traditional data centers will be obsolete in 80% of enterprises. To transition smoothly, it's essential to evaluate your cloud migration readiness, scrutinize your application portfolio, and harmonize your current and future architectures. This meticulous approach unlocks the cloud's full potential, offering scalability, adaptability, and cost efficiency.


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Strategic Transformation

We must all adapt to changes in the business environment to remain competitive. To become more efficient, effective, and customer-centric, we need to evaluate their models, processes, and structures constantly.

OrbusInfinity can help clarify your goals and objectives, analyze your current state, and design your future state.


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strategic transformation
operational resilience

Operational Resilience

In today's complex and interconnected world, businesses face a range of operational threats, from natural disasters to cyber attacks, supply chain disruptions, and even pandemics. Implementing operational resilience requires a significant commitment of resources, time, and effort.

To help you identify potential issues before they become significant problems, OrbusInfinity provides real-time monitoring and reporting of your key metrics.


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AI's Impact on Enterprise Architecture

Discover AI's role in reshaping enterprise architecture. Read Gartner's report here


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"One of the best features of OrbusInfinity is the solutions HUB. This provides a lot of additional features such as integrations with CMDBs, access to reporting and analytics which ensures we can achieve so many areas that are of interest to us."

Enterprise Architect, Healthcare

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Winter is Coming, but Transformation Never Stops

Orbus Software CEO Michael D'Onofrio

Another exciting month has passed at Orbus Software as we get ready for the festive break. November was not quite as packed a month as October but there was still plenty to keep us occupied and giving us the munch need breathing time to start planning our social diaries for festivities. The biggest announcement of the month was surely our new series of LinkedIn Live streams starting from the 8th of December. Titled “See the Forest, Not the Trees”, this series will tackle a range of topics within enterprise architecture. 

Elsewhere, we were delighted to welcome a variety of Orbus customers to the first Orbus Transform Day, featuring talks from CEO Michael D’Onofrio and senior iServer365 product managers. The day gave us a great chance to learn more about your challenges and what we can do to help and we hope to see more Orbus customers at future Transform Days globally. 

We’ve continued to publish new resources and blogs that strike at the heart of digital transformation problems. This month saw the Phil Chernov’s talk on EA as a driving force for recovery, as well as updates to 10 Steps for Preparing a TOGAF ProjectThe Complete Guide to Application and Technology Roadmaps and How to Perform a Smooth Cloud Migration. Over on the blog, several new posts looked at whether EA frameworks matter, how to develop a cloud strategy, and how to turn EA from an expense into an asset

November also saw the release of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools in 2021. Orbus Software were pleased to once again be recognized for our ability to execute in the report. 

And there was an early Christmas celebration for the Orbus team, as the London office went human curling for our Christmas party. As the picture shows, everyone got in the swing of human curling, even Michael 

December should be another great month, with the holidays approaching and the launch of the live streams. Make sure to subscribe to our LinkedIn page to keep in touch with everything from Orbus as we build up to 2022! 


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