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"OrbusInfinity makes sure that enterprise architects aren't sitting alongside the business, but are right in the center of the business helping them to make those key decisions with the knowledge of the technology, where it’s going, and how it’s going to affect the business."


John Ward


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Partnerships are at the heart of what we do

Orbus Software works with a broad network of global and regional partners across all industries to help customers navigate digital transformation journeys and build more resilient businesses. Partners are selected for their experience and skill at delivering solutions- and ongoing value. They share our commitment to customer success and collaboration.


Why partner with us?

We support partners through Marketing, Sales and Enablement. We offer a tiered program with benefits to support partners’ growth as our relationship grows.



Joint marketing initiatives increase your business’s reach and open new opportunities:


  • Partner branding and logo usage
  • Partner locator and solution page
  • Marketing funding for events, webinars
  • Co-branded collateral


Expand your network and relationships through Orbus Software’s range of events and partner opportunities:


  • Customer referrals
  • Priority opportunity creation
  • Online deal registration
  • Dedicated account mapping
  • Sales lead generation incentives
  • Strategize, engage and co-sell


Gain access to tools such as Orbus Hive, our best-in-class learning platform for Enterprise Architecture and digital transformation:


  • Product accreditations and certifications
  • Online learning
  • Demo, test and training instance
  • POC, POV support
  • Technology exchange

How to become a partner


  • Tell Us About yourself
  • Learn About Orbus Software


02 collaborate

  • Build Action plan
  • Prototype Value
  • Proposition


03 Agreement

  • Join Orbus Softwares' Partner Program
  • Build Joint Business Plan


04 Train


  • Develop Sales Foundation
  • Develop Technical Skills


05 sell

  • Generate opportunity
  • Co-sell

Solutions Partners

Solutions partners include technical, managed, consulting services companies and resellers that help customers deploy OrbusInfinity or adopt new capabilities. Design scalable, quick to launch solutions and surface richer insights by deploying OrbusInfinity. Joint sales and marketing with Orbus Software can uncover new revenue streams and enhance your value proposition.

Partner with us to:

  • Deploy solutions on an Enterprise-class, reliable, scalable, platform
  • Deliver actionable insights in easily understood formats that utilize live dashboards and attractive visualizations
  • Drive revenue growth and new business.


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technology and innovation partners

Technology and Innovation Partners

Technology and innovation partners offer technology that integrates with OrbusInfinity to provide a compelling solution for customers. Extend your customer’s capabilities with integrations between OrbusInfinity and your offering, maximizing value for our shared customer. Join the likes of Microsoft, ServiceNow, Flexera & more.

Partner with us to:

  • Maximize your software’s utility by combining it with OrbusInfinity – the leading SaaS platform for digital transformation
  • Increase revenue through customer referrals and co-selling opportunities
  • Take advantage of partner marketing opportunities including events, webinars and joint branding content.


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