Orbus Software Make a Splash at IRM UK and Gartner Events

Orbus Software Make a Splash at IRM UK and Gartner Events

It’s been a great October for Orbus Software. Between 2 major events, a host of new and valuable resources, and the continued expansion of the Orbus Team, the business world is well and truly back in the swing of things.   

The Orbus team welcomed 8 new team members joining in October, settling in to offices in New York, London and Sydney. More opportunities are set to open up throughout the quarter as Orbus looks to meet demand for digital transformation assistance. 

There were a number of great releases this month: the recent Investec case study explored how the financial giant has achieved key EA goals thanks to iServer365, while the 6th entry to the CIO Challenge series was released at the start of the month, looking at the problem of Enterprise Architecture becoming disconnected from business stakeholders. In addition, updates to the Business Motivation Model pack and the “5 Steps to Designing a Fully Optimized Enterprise Architecture” eBook were both made available. Everything is available in the Orbus Resource Library for free download. 

However, the biggest news of the month was definitely the major virtual conferences that took place in October, with IRM UK’s EA conference and Gartner’s Virtual IT Symposium. 

IRM UK’s virtual EA conference ran from the 11th to the 14th, and saw our CEO Michael D’Onofrio join the keynote panel to discuss the future of enterprise architecture. Orbus Senior Consultant Phillip Chernov led a session on the role of EA in driving business recovery. Look out for a recording of Phil’s talk coming soon to the Orbus website! Overall, Orbus had a great time meeting many of you virtually at the event. 

Gartner’s Virtual IT Symposium was possibly an even more exciting, drawing in CIOs and IT executives from across the spectrum to discuss topics related to digital business. Things reached a fever pitch as Orbus Software and BNY Mellon combined to run a Solution Provider Session, with Marc Oren of BNYM discussing how they drove iterative transformation through EA and iServer. Between the session and our presence at the engagement zone, we hope that everyone got as much from the event as we did. 

Keep your eyes open for more good news coming from Orbus Software over the next few months, including several new case studies