The iServer Suite is a powerful enterprise architecture platform that orchestrates enterprise transformation.


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Central Architecture Repository

Collaborate from a single source of truth, using the central architecture repository as a storage point for all enterprise architecture files.

Visio Integration

Use the familiar Microsoft interface and file formats when importing Visio diagrams. Reuse diagrams across multiple architecture models.

Preconfigured Metamodels and Frameworks

Quickly configure and adapt the repository to customized metamodels, through a simple user-friendly interface. Use any modeling notation, or design new notations.

Visualize your Results

Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis

Run impact analysis and manage architectural change. Reduce the risk of change through traceability across business levels, and ensure robust governance using component level version management

Architecture Roadmaps

Architecture Roadmaps

Depict the evolution of an architecture over time through a number of visualization templates including:

  • Application roadmaps – showing applications that are phased in and out over time, and the cost increase/reduction
  • Technology roadmaps – showing support for technology standards
  • Project roadmaps – showing in flight projects and costs, driven by data from external project portfolio management tools
High Quality, Attractive Visuals

High Quality, Attractive Visuals

Remove the constraints of confusing diagrams when publishing architecture views to key stakeholders, and produce engaging visuals that resonate with the wider business

Analyze your Data


Views and Dashboards

Gain valuable insights through a powerful Views and Dashboards system

  • Navigate through content quickly and effectively
  • Instantly communicate large amounts of information to desired stakeholders
  • Combine data from multiple areas of interest into an array of dashboards

Decision Support and Analysis Tools

Make real-time decisions with iServer’s dynamic heatmaps, data-driven graphics and impact analysis.

Templates and Models for Strategic Guidance

Enable the ongoing development of the desired architecture using out-of-the-box templates.

Document Management

Legacy Data Import

Use the Import Wizard to easily and automatically bulk import data, models and objects from Visio, Excel and XML

Advanced Document Management

Document and manage information using a range of formats including Microsoft Office formats, PDFs, and JPEGs

Online Publishing

Socialize content via reporting, publishing and presentation capabilities. A dynamic portal makes it easy for users to share their repository content across the organization

The Definitive Enterprise Architecture Blueprint

Free Resource

The Definitive Enterprise Architecture Blueprint

Embarking on any transformation is difficult, yet the speed of modern commerce demands that firms adapt or die.

A market leading enterprise architecture (EA) platform like iServer will help to lead your transformation efforts but leaping into the unknown is a challenge regardless of the maturity of an EA department. Orbus Software have produced the Definitive Enterprise Architecture Blueprint to help guide firms at every stage of their journey, solving common EA issues and revealing the critical requirements for success.



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A great toolkit for modelling businesses

A straightforward easy to adopt product utilizing popular Microsoft products, but with considerable power and versatility through add-on modules. Very very good support team who know their product and the dependency on Visio and SQL very well.

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