Why iServer?

iServer is a powerful enterprise architecture (EA) platform that is designed to accelerate your organization’s business transformation. Its valuable features enable architects to design and manage your architecture, discover useful business insights, strategically align the organization and communicate essential information throughout the enterprise. Our solution features a central repository that facilitates collaboration and uses and enhances MS Visio as the modeling environment because it is the most intuitive and widely used diagramming tool in the world.

Furthermore, iServer features extensive dashboard and reporting capabilities, strong decision support and analysis tools, extensive framework support, as well as a host of modules to get you started as soon as possible. Whether your company has a mature practice already, or you are only now starting to build one, iServer is a platform that will maximize the amount of value you get out of the EA department and help ensure your organization’s continued success.


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Solving Challenges for Enterprise Architects

Enterprise architects have many challenges to face. The EA practice is being relied upon more than ever to provide real business value and support the organization in achieving its strategic goals and business outcomes. iServer offers users first-class functionality in order to facilitate their job, increase the quality of their output and help them meet those challenges. Here are some of the problems iServer helps architects solve.

How do I increase collaboration within the EA department?

iServer is an eminently collaborative platform. It features a central repository that enforces a collaborative modeling practice. An architect can check out content, check it back in, and then have a colleague improve on this work. What’s more, artifacts that are modified are automatically updated in all instances where they appear upon being checked back in.

How do I effectively disseminate information enterprise wide?

Our solution features great communication modules. iServer Portal and iServer HTML Publisher make sharing insights and views extremely simple. Whether you need to present an application architecture view with a colleague or want to inform a group of high-level stakeholders on structure of a new process you are modeling, iServer enables you to disseminate information enterprise wide quickly and effectively, and receive valuable feedback.

How do I help management with the decision making process?

The EA department nowadays needs to make an impact and be involved in the running of the business. The work it produces needs to answer important questions and guide the enterprise in its development. As such, enterprise architects are often called upon to provide insights that guide the top level decision making process. To help users achieve this, iServer includes extensive reporting capabilities, aimed at conveying a large amount of important information to ‘non-technical’ stakeholders. It can also generate dashboards that can be readily understood by the C-level management to support high level decision Finally, with iServer BI Connect architects can integrate repository data directly into the organization’s existing business intelligence (BI) tool, creating value by combining data from multiple sources.

How do I leverage existing EA content and legacy data?

Often architects may find themselves unable to use legacy data from a previous tool, spending more time recreating models and documents and limiting their capacity to provide meaningful reports. iServer allows you to easily import any existing EA content in Visio, Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats so teams can continue working from day one of deployment. Furthermore, iServer allows for the bulk import of data from Excel and XML sources into the central repository via an easy to use import wizard. Imports can also be scheduled to take place automatically, to save time and ensure the repository is always up to date.

How do I ensure my architecture follows industry best practice?

iServer is an extremely customizable platform for EA. It allows users to fully control and configure the repository to reflect the desired meta-model, a straightforward process that is carried out through the user interface. Furthermore, organizations can decide on any modeling notation that suits their needs, and iServer provides many out of the box including ArchiMate 3, BPMN 2, and UML 2.5. Users can enjoy complete support for many architecture frameworks, such as TOGAF 9.1, COBIT 5, and ITIL 2011, so they can be certain that their efforts follow widely accepted principles.

How can I quickly train myself and my team on iServer?

At Orbus we recognize that it’s not only the building and managing of an architecture practice that’s important within an organization, but also the career learning and subsequent progression of the EA team. As such, one of the most important component of our EA solution is the Learning Center. The iServer Learning Center is an integrated platform for learning, support and reference resources, which can be launched directly from within iServer. It includes a wealth of continually updated best practice guides, case studies, webinars, infographics, posters, eBooks and videos. This convenient support and training platform ensures users become iServer literate in less time than it would take them to master other products on the market, and does so with minimum disruption. Ultimately, it delivers you a higher return on investment.

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Business Outcomes

iServer is a platform that accelerates your business transformation. It boasts a wide range of features that allow architects to have a bigger impact, which of course is to the benefit of the organization. Here are some high-level business outcomes achieved through the use of iServer.

Reduce Costs

Enterprise architects enable the business to reduce costs by providing useful reports to management, who are then able to use them to make informed, value-maximizing decisions. Not only that, but they also help identify opportunities in the company’s operations, such as the infrastructure landscape.
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Boost Security

With the increasing importance being placed on security in today’s organizations, it is crucial for an enterprise to have a security strategy in place. iServer supports many security architecture frameworks that ensure best practices are applied in this area.
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Increase Stakeholder Engagement

iServer stimulates collaboration on many levels – within the EA department, between architects and management, between management and process owners.
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Ensure Business Alignment

Business alignment is essential for the enterprise to function at peak efficiency. Our platform allows users to map out capabilities, identify how initiatives support them, and decide what corrections to apply.
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