iServer Ideation

Strategically aligned ideas, crowdsourced and delivered on Office 365


What is iServer Ideation?

iServer Ideation enables C-Level executives to engage with the rest of the business by defining strategically aligned challenges. Ideas are then crowdsourced from across the organization, shared, and voted on, before being scored against strategic criteria and prioritized with the help of metrics and dashboards.

Tight two-way integration with iServer directly relates challenges to strategy objects captured in the enterprise architecture repository. At the same time, new ideas are synced into iServer, ready for further analysis.

iServer Ideation is designed and built on top of Office 365, providing everyone with a rich and familiar experience to ideate in, blending seamlessly into existing intranet and digital workplace offerings.

Features of iServer Ideation

EA Aligned

Two-way integration between iServer and SharePoint makes it possible to import strategy and sync ideas.

Built for Microsoft 365

Collaborate with a rich and intuitive user experience ensuring a short learning curve and ease of use for non-technical stakeholders.

Supercharge your Intranet

Enhance employee engagement and communication by adding ideation to your digital workplace.

Extend and Integrate

Gather data from an array of sources including Project Online, JIRA or any other project management tool.

Powerful and Scalable

Create as many ideas and challenges as you want.

Powerful Insights

Drive effective prioritization of ideas and understand relations between them.


  • Build a culture of innovation by empowering employees, encouraging collaboration, and breaking down silos.
  • Uncover solutions to business critical objectives and challenges in the discovery phase.
  • Gain competitive advantage by harnessing your team’s knowledge and deliver cutting-edge products.
  • Improve customer experience by identifying gaps in support and retention programs.

Business Outcomes

  • Measurable innovation - ideas can be tracked throughout their entire lifecycle, from inception to execution.
  • Enhanced planning and roadmapping capability through improved visibility of project pipeline and demands.
  • Increased employee engagement and strategic alignment - C-Level executives can engage directly with employees who can in turn voice ideas and solutions straight to the top.

Who uses it?

  • Enterprise Architects get increased visibility and insight across the organization enabling them to be more proactive in discovering projects and delivering roadmaps.
  • Heads of HR / Communication Managers are able to enhance engagement of their employees and extend current intranet type offerings.
  • C-Level executives responsible for driving innovation and strategy can talk and interact directly with their employee base.
  • Heads of PMO will see their project pipeline ahead of time, as it comes through in the form of ideas.
  • Everyone in the organization can use Orbus Ideation to make a difference by contributing ideas and solutions to complex business challenges.

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