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Unleash the power of your business

OrbusInfinity supports organizations in achieving their business goals. Whatever initiatives you need to architect, we have your back.

Orbus Software

Make better decisions, faster

With an intuitive interface, you can get the right info at the right time and make better, data-driven decisions.

Orbus Software

Save costs

Reduce redundant technology, identify cost drivers quickly and free up resources for innovation.

Orbus Software

Reduce risks

Full transparency and control means less risk and more certainty in outcomes and stronger regulatory compliance.


A unified platform

Enabling Strategy, Architecture, Process and Portfolio Management Teams 

OrbusInfinity provides a ‘North Star’ for transformation teams and executives to confidently manage Enterprise Transformations. It enables architecture teams to collaborate with a wide range of business stakeholders to generate a Digital Blueprint of the Enterprise, enabling exceptional strategic decisions based on a unified view of the business, now and in the future. 

Enhance Collaboration and Communication

OrbusInfinity provides a shared understanding of the organization's architecture, facilitating effective communication, knowledge sharing, and coordination among stakeholders involved in planning, designing, and implementing transformation initiatives.

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Streamline Decision-Making

By visualizing dependencies, impacts, and potential risks across various architectural layers, OrbusInfinity enables stakeholders to make more informed decisions, assess potential consequences, and mitigate risks associated with changes or investments in the IT landscape. 

Increased Alignment and Business Value

Through a holistic view of the organization's current and target architectures and operating models, OrbusInfinity facilitates strategic decision-making and ensures that IT initiatives are aligned with the strategic goals and direction of the organisations 

Increased Agility and Adaptability

By visualizing the impact of changes on the overall architecture, the tool helps identify the most efficient and effective paths for introducing new technologies, processes, or capabilities while minimizing disruptions.

Efficiency Gains and Controlled IT Costs

By capturing and documenting the current state of IT systems, processes, and data flows, an enterprise architecture tool helps identify inefficiencies, redundancies, and opportunities for optimization.

Enhanced Compliance and Governance

Map relationships and controls between business processes, data, applications, and infrastructure to identify and address compliance gaps, enforce security measures, and demonstrate adherence to relevant regulations and standards.

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Systems integrations that accelerate time to value

The more of your data you can access, the better the results. Integration solutions with 3rd party systems are available out-of-the-box. You just chose what, and how many you need.

Here are some of the integrations you can chose from:

cherwell integration
excel integration
jira integration
lucidchart integration
IT infrastructure
MS Outlook
Orbus Software Capabilities


Empower your Enterprise Architecture teams with robust capabilities

From modeling and collaboration to reporting, OrbusInfinity provides the tools you need for successful enterprise transformations.

User-Centred Experience to Cater for Multiple Stakeholders

User-Centred Experience to Cater for Multiple Stakeholders

Ensuring our users to easily navigate and interact with the platform sits at the centre of the OrbusInfinity experience, enabling them to work faster, greatly increasing productivity and driving buy-in and adoption from stakeholders across the business.

Digital Enterprise Blueprint to Visualise and Explore

OrbusInfinity Enterprise Transformation


Digital Enterprise Blueprint to Visualise and Explore

At the core of OrbusInfinity is a digital representation of your enterprise landscape, its business and IT components, and their interrelationships and dependencies. The platform allows different stakeholders to explore the blueprint from myriad perspectives and visualize both the need for and impact of change across different enterprise components, such as strategy, processes, capabilities, applications, technologies and data.

Integrations and Connectors for Data-driven Insights

Enterprise Architecture

Integrations and Connectors for Data-driven Insights  

Sourcing the right data is critical to successful Transformation decisions. OrbusInfinity provides a suite of pre-built, self-service integrations and connectors, allowing you to easily import the data you need from your existing technology ecosystem, including leading ITSM, CMDB, Risk and Project Management systems. 

Intelligent Automation to Assist Analysis and Inform Decisions

Intelligent Automation to Assist Analysis and Inform Decisions 

Managing transformation requires answering an array of questions across the organisation.  OrbusInfinity provides robust automation tools to speed up interrogation and analysis of the data that makes up the digital blueprint, allowing for faster delivery of assets and insights from the platform.

Transformation Management Tools to Guide Strategic Change

Transformation Management Tools to Guide Strategic Change

The ongoing cycle of transformation requires careful planning to manage complex transitions without disruption to your operations. OrbusInfinity includes tools enabling you to model each transformation, plan for different scenarios, and guide the delivery of desired outcomes for the business.

Orbus Software Sustainable Enterprise Transformation

Introducing the Sustainability Lens

Transform Your Business with Sustainable Decision-Making

Discover how you can revolutionize your organization's approach to sustainability. Gain insights, enhance transparency, and drive effective change.

Return On Investment

A recent Total Economic Impact study calculated a record, industry-leading ROI of 394% and payback within 10 months

Forrester Consulting recently published a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study that examined the potential return on investment enterprises may realize by deploying OrbusInfinity




time saved creating architecture artefacts


reduction in time spent doing resiliency analysis


reduction in strategic decision analysis


reduction in onboarding times of new starters

"OrbusInfinity has helped us to improve our ability to share content with several departments. The Portal is very easy to use and it allows us to provide feedback for the content of the repository, so we can make better decisions for the strategy of our organisation"

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Latest Success Story

How SmartestEnergy improved the engagement between business and architecture

OrbusInfinity allows SmartestEnergy to have a better overall view of the business

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