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iServer Hosting

We're transitioning our iServer hosting service to OrbusInfinity, our cloud-based platform with enhanced features and integration.

Key Information:

  • iServer hosting ends: Dec 31, 2024
  • Self-hosted iServer will continue to be supported
  • Seamless data migration and minimal disruption
  • Enhanced security and compliance with OrbusInfinity

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Why iServer?

Leverage existing Microsoft Technologies

iServer leverages the Microsoft technology stack to ensure a short learning curve, familiar interfaces and world class support

Impact Analysis

Run impact analysis and manage architectural change. Reduce the risk of change through traceability across business levels, and ensure robust governance using component version management

Alignment to Industry Standards

Out of the box support for a host of industry best practice standards and frameworks, including TOGAF, ArchiMate and UML

Fast Return on Investment

Fast start implementation service packages ensure iServer delivers a return on investment for the organization in the shortest time possible

Low Total Cost of Ownership

By leveraging existing Microsoft technologies, iServer can achieve 50% lower cost of ownership than competitors


Communication Models

Live Documents

Live Documents

Automate the production of business documentation and deliverables in Microsoft Word, kept live with direct repository content updates.

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iServer Portal

iServer Portal

Make repository content available in HTML5 via a dynamic, business friendly, web-based portal. Permitted browser users can edit attributes via Portal as a licensed Contributor.

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Reporting Services

iServer Reporting Services

Reporting engine and report packs for audit, documentation and analysis to facilitate decision making.

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Communication Models

BPM Connect icon

BPM Connect

Export process diagrams for import and execution within Business Process Management Suites (BPMS).

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BI Connect icon

BI Connect

Connect your repository to your Business Intelligence tool to enrich BI dashboards and reporting with iServer BI Connect.

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ServiceNow Connect

ServiceNow Connect

Seamlessly integrate ServiceNow data with your iServer repository for richer insights and informed strategic planning.

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Data Modeler Connect icon

Data Modeler Connect

Import data models from tools such as ERwin and ER/Studio into your iServer repository and convert them into Microsoft Visio diagrams.

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Project Connect

iServer Project Connect

Align projects, strategy and business goals.

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Data Exchange icon

Data Exchange

Schedule bulk imports of data from other systems. Or utilize a REST API for bespoke integrations.


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