How well does your organization understand business capability modeling?

Business Capability Modeling enables enterprise architects to deliver strategic change without compromising the core function of a business. By representing the entire business at an abstract level, enterprise architects can break down the capacities of a firm and start to align strategy with people, processes, and technology. Capability modeling is arguably one of the key abilities of an enterprise architect, yet all too often is misunderstood or poorly implemented.

The Business Capability Quick Start guide will jump start an enterprise architecture department's modeling and understanding of business capabilities, providing a general reference for both architects and external stakeholders alike.

This guide contains:

  • An annotated business capability model
  • Detailed notation on each aspect of a business capability model
  • Sample presentation and display options for models

Together with the Business Capability Model Starter Pack and the guide to Business Capability Management, Orbus Software offers a complete solution to business capabilities.