Transform Your Digital Business Performance

Optimize business performance with cross-functional process analysis and design

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Cloud software to centralize, standardize and
enhance your process modeling activities

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Democratize Process Improvement

Connect modeling teams and business stakeholders to improve process related outcomes
  • Co-create process models with business owners across all functions
  • Analyse and identify cross-functional bottlenecks and wasted effort
  • Generate optimized value streams for stakeholder review and approval

Partner with the Business

Partner with the Business

Delivering successful business outcomes requires a close partnership between EA and the business
  • Engage business stakeholders in the tools they use daily
  • Source information to co-create architecture
  • Communicate and collaborate across business functions


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Align Processes to Your Digital Strategy

Ensure process analysis and design activities are not siloed from your digital transformation initiatives
  • Map processes and value streams to your digitalization roadmap
  • Design operating models to deliver outcomes aligned with digital goals
  • Create conceptual process models connecting BPA to your digital business model

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Design Agile, Customer-Centric Processes

Reacting to the pace of change today requires adaptable processes that align to customer value
  • Focus on process outcomes aligned to your customer journeys
  • Align internal business operations with external customer interactions
  • Enable tightly coupled feedback loops within your agile processes

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Speak A Common Language

  • Adopt a unified notation and methodology for your processes
  • Align to best-practice process frameworks and reference models
  • Ensure consistency of understanding across your process landscape

Standards we support

BPMN Starter Pack

BPMN Starter Pack

Address your BPA Tool Challenges


  • No single source of truth for process information
  • A central repository, for all your process
  • Duplication of effort reduced productivity
  • Impossible to visualise the overall process landscape
  • Tools to socialise with ‘live’ information

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