A central repository preconfigured to the IT4IT Reference Architecture, notation and framework

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The IT4IT Accelerator is a package containing all the tools required to successfully implement the IT4IT framework following a value chain approach. Instead of wasting time and resources building an IT4IT-aligned architecture from scratch, you can opt to receive iServer365 already aligned to the framework.

The notation and framework support included in the accelerator, together with the valuable analytical and modeling tools in iServer365, enable IT professionals to start optimizing the IT environment immediately by building on already existing processes.

Released by the Open Group in late 2015, the IT4IT™ vision is a Reference Architecture for managing the business of IT, consisting of a formal IT operating model based on the value chain concept that revolutionized manufacturing, known as the IT Value Chain.

A Central Repository for IT4IT

iServer365 provides support for the IT4IT specification in the form of a preconfigured central repository with Visio modeling stencils and diagram templates. It also provides core models and examples necessary for implementing the IT4IT specification. This includes the IT4IT Reference Architecture Model Levels 1 and 2.

IT4IT Value Chain

iServer365’s IT4IT software uses a Value Chain approach to help organizations standardize their IT landscape documentation and modeling by using The Open Group’s IT4IT informal modeling notation, and ArchiMate 3.0. It provides the IT4IT Value Chain Model, decomposed into value streams and components via drill down diagrams.

The IT4IT Detect to Correct Value Stream in iServer365

Notation and Framework Support

iServer365 provides full support for the ArchiMate notation to help model details of the IT4IT components. iServer365 also offers full integration with other reference frameworks, methodologies and standards. Integration with the TOGAF ® ADM is available through a governed repository structure and fully documented Architecture Development Method (ADM).

Other frameworks and standards that can be integrated include the ITIL 2011 framework, COBIT for IT governance best practice, Lean process improvement, and SABSA for IT security guidance.