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Enable the ongoing development of your organization’s target business architecture and strategy with iServer for Business Architecture

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iServer is a powerful business architecture solution that enables you to build a blueprint for your organization quickly and accurately. Using iServer, business architects can expect a breakthrough in their effort to align strategic objectives and tactical demand, as well as improved communication with stakeholders from the enterprise at large.

iServer is a platform created to solve problems. Its extensive functionality exists to cater to your every need, so you can feel confident about embarking on the most difficult of tasks. Please find below some of the most frequent issues that iServer helps business architects resolve.


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How do objectives contribute to organizational strategy?

How do objectives contribute to the organizational strategy?

Accurately assessing whether specific objectives are actually contributing to the organizational strategy can be difficult. Still, it’s an important aspect of deciding on future changes to the company’s goals, which means business architects are often confronted with this question by upper-management. To help you deal with it, iServer features a hierarchy view capability that allows users to navigate through layers, and delve into more detail in order to track the actual relation between objective, goal and a business driver. This greatly facilitates determining the degree of alignment between the objectives and the company’s strategy.

How effectively was the strategy implemented

How effectively was the strategy implemented?

The importance of strategy cannot be overstated if an organization is to develop successfully. Therefore, it is equally important to identify how well the strategy is implemented if management’s assessments are to be based on facts. Again, because iServer highlights the relationships between capabilities, roles, skills and measures via hierarchy views, you can quickly identify the facts you need build up a report that answers the question clearly and in a timely manner.

How do I answer key business questions without getting into technical details

How do I answer key business questions without going into technical details?

Most times, making yourself useful as an architect simply means making yourself understood. Let’s be honest, your audience is rarely made up solely of knowledgeable colleagues within your own department. If you are to deliver consistently and constantly for your organization, you need to be a master at tailoring your communications to your audience. To solve this problem, our iServer platform provides access to industry-wide accepted tools, such as the Business Motivation Model (BMM). This enables you to remain business focused, without the possibility of getting involved with technology jargon.

How do I Communicate large amounts of information?

How do I communicate a large amount of information at a glance?

In order to get the buy-in from your audience, you’ll need more than just the correct information. Many professionals struggle to connect with their audience during a presentation because however useful their insights might be, they are often difficult to assimilate. The solution is to have beautiful, best in class graphics. This will go a long way towards getting your ideas across, irrespective of the audience’s background, which will lend your words considerably more weight.

What programs are currently live across the organization

What programs are currently live across the entire organization?

Many enterprises nowadays have reached such a high degree of complexity that it is a genuine challenge to keep accurate track of all the projects that are taking place at any one time. Architects are confronted with the need to answer to management and business owners about ongoing and future processes on a regular basis. To help you deal with these inquiries, iServer provides you with diagrams that detail program implementation across the organization and showcase the capabilities to be delivered, as well as the goals needed to deliver them.

How do scheduled changes impact wider enterprise

How do scheduled changes impact the wider enterprise?

In order to aid decision making you will be required to identify a certain decision’s impact on the wider enterprise. In other words, you’ll be relied upon to run a proof test. This can prove to be very challenging because it requires to accurately follow the line of causality in what can be an extremely cluttered environment. Consider trying to figure out the implications of retiring an obscure physical technology component for a large international bank. In such a scenario, iServer’s superior Impact Analysis Visualization capabilities will ensure you get the job done right with minimal effort.

Can we eliminate applications to cut costs

Can we eliminate a certain application to cut costs?

Organizations often have duplicate systems, purchased because people were unaware of existing resources, or inherited as a result of a merger. iServer offers a complete, up to date view of the application landscape, enabling users to quickly and easily identify redundant or duplicate applications, greatly reducing overall operating costs.

How to improve stakeholder engagement

How can we improve stakeholder engagement?

CIOs need to determine the best course of action for their organization, but without a clear insight into the process, functions and application portfolio, it is difficult to make the best investment and development decisions. With iServer’s selection of Application Portfolio Management dashboards, executive stakeholders are able to gain valuable insights from the application and technology portfolios.

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