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iServer is a powerful data architecture platform created to help you design and manage your architecture more effectively. It supports the alignment of data architecture with the business strategy by providing extensive data modeling and metadata management capabilities, as well as the ability to reuse data constructs, thus eliminating duplication.

iServer aims to solve any problem you might encounter in your data architecture practice. The platform features an extensive range of capabilities that exist to cater to your every need, so you can feel confident about embarking on the most difficult of tasks. Please find below some of the most frequent issues that iServer helps data architects to deal with.


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How actors interact with a data entitiy

How does an actor interact with a certain data entity?

Governing data entities, specifically Creating, Reading, Updating or Deleting (CRUD), is a necessary part of a data architect’s job. Organizations cannot afford to have uncertainty in this area, which is why iServer provides users with a great CRUD hierarchy view, detailing what role is responsible for carrying out a specific action in relation to a data entity. This means that data quality is ensured and data is available, current and usable.

How do data entities support business services and functions

How do data entities support business services and functions?

In order to have smooth running processes and keep data associated costs at a minimum, architects need to assess its relevance to the overall business strategy. The hierarchy view capability allows iServer users to identify how data entities assist the different business services and functions in the organization, or whether they are not, in fact, business focused.

How do I reduce complexity of Data Flows

How do I reduce the complexity of data flows?

Reducing complexity to make the data landscape more easily understood by a broader audience and maximize the impact of communications is a desirable outcome for any architect. With our solution you can easily address this problem. For instance, consider the ‘Data Flow’ diagram, which shows how data flows in and out of the Core Banking Technology at the core of the diagram. The arrows are color coded to show whether it is an input and output, an extra step taken towards simplifying of data flows to the benefit of all stakeholders.

How can I ensure my architecture is stable

How can I ensure my architecture is stable?

Without access to industry standards to create a structured approach for developing an organization’s data architecture, the results can be unstable and short-lived. This can ultimately mean a severe financial cost. iServer’s support for data reference models provides a foundation that supports the upholding of widely accepted standards within the business. By using a model, architects are afforded shorter development lead times, benchmarking with industry standards based on best practices, as well as compliance with regulations.

How do I disseminate data architecture views quickly

How do I disseminate data architecture views quickly and effectively enterprise wide?

Collaboration is an essential part of any data architecture, especially as any holdups or miscommunications can be costly, wasting valuable resources. iServer facilitates access of real time data information from the repository with the help of its communication modules. This ensures a continuous flow of feedback during change initiatives and prevents delay. What’s more, it guarantees the latest version of the data landscape is immediately available to the organization. Quick access enables quick action, and that can make a considerable difference to the company.

How do I ensure the data landscape accomodates changing business requirements

How do I ensure the data landscape accommodates the changing business requirements?

With iServer, architects are able to understand the changing business requirements, including unstructured platforms in the technology market and complex data environments. It provides great documentation of data models, which enable update and maintenance of the models, and encourages reuse of data constructs, thereby reducing duplication of physical data objects. This in turn increases traceability of the use of data across business processes by different actors and roles, providing better control.

How do I ensure traceability

How do I ensure data traceablility?

iServer enables users to define how data is to be stored, consumed, integrated and managed by different data entities, processes, and IT systems. This makes it easy for different stakeholders to understand exactly what data is generated, how and where it is stored, and who accesses it. In addition, models can be used to structure data stores/data warehouses, thus enabling data mining and analytics.

How can I maximize my data modeling capability

How can I maximize my data modeling capability?

iServer Data Modeler Connect enables organizations to bridge the gap between data modeling experts and architects. This iServer module not only saves time and eliminates duplication of effort, but also removes discrepancies between the data and architecture domains. iServer Data Modeler Connect is designed to deliver an integrated solution by bridging data modeling tools and iServer through the conversion of data models into Microsoft Visio. Firstly, the data models are saved as an XML file to be converted, and then the Microsoft Visio drawing can be imported by iServer for model management and analysis. With this, your organization saves time and eliminates duplication, increases accuracy and consistency of data and, of course, maximizes the output of data modelers.

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