iServer helps organizations analyze, audit and manage their governance, risk and compliance by consolidating governance and risk documentation into a central repository, allowing impact analysis and compliance reports to be generated. The iServer GRC repository allows users to easily view the relationship between Enterprise or Corporate level goals and the IT-related goal, supporting traceability and alignment between business strategy and requirements, and IT implementation.


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Governance, Risk & Compliance

in an Enterprise Context

iServer allows you to continue working with your existing processes, importing them into the repository and allowing you to share them with the business. From there you can baseline your GRC structures against industry standards and create audit reports to identify risks and shortfalls.

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Key Capabilities

Measure Risk

Measure Risk

Risk analysis and traceability tools

Align to Standards

Align to standards

Baseline and control self-assessments in line with industry standards

Audit Templates

Audit templates

A range of out of the box templates for audit and compliance activities

Reporting Capabilities

Reporting Capabilities

Comprehensive reporting and communication tools

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An Enterprise Architecture tool people actually understand

Orbus iServer stood out from the other Enterprise Architecture tools because of its relative ease of understanding both for the administrator and users.

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