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This video introduces the iServer IT Governance Solution from Orbus Software.

If you’re unfamiliar with our core iServer product then please watch our video entitled ‘What is iServer?’.

Simply put, the iServer IT Governance Solution provides a reference library of COBIT 5 best practices ‘out of the box’, which organisations can use to benchmark and improve their IT Governance capabilities.

What is COBIT 5?

COBIT 5 is a comprehensive best practice framework for the Governance of Enterprise IT developed by ISACA. The framework helps organisations make the best use of their information and technology and is based on five underlying principles for governing and creating value from your IT.

What major challenges does the IT Governance Solution address?

  • • Identifying and controlling of IT projects not aligned with strategic goals
  • • Ensuring business value is realised from all IT investments
  • • Managing and mitigating against IT related risks
  • • Compliance with increasing applicable legislation and regulation

Who are the key stakeholder of COBIT 5?

COBIT 5 is beneficial for all IT and Business stakeholders who are kick-starting a new, or continuing with an existing IT governance initiative.

Executive Managers, including the CEO, benefit significantly from COBIT because it can align IT governance activities and targets with strategic level objectives.

Board level directors also benefit from a best practice framework that will guide IT return on investment, and ensure that IT delivers value in line with enterprise goals.

What is the iServer IT Governance Solution?

The iServer IT Governance Solution offers the complete COBIT 5 framework embedded within iServer’s central repository.  This solution includes the COBIT 5 Base Framework comprising the five COBIT Principles and associated content, as well as the COBIT ‘Enabling Process’ extension module.

COBIT 5 implementation guidance and templates, as well as the ‘Process Assessment Model’ Guide from ISACA are available as part this solution.

iServer’s collaborative modeling environment allows stakeholders to reuse and customise COBIT 5 models as they please and map current operations to the COBIT 5 best practices.

The iServer IT Governance Solution can be integrated with a number of other IT & Business frameworks such as TOGAF9 and ITIL, for a governed view of the enterprise’s information and technology assets.

Future iterations of the iServer COBIT 5 solution will include additional modules such as the ‘Enabling Information’ and ‘Implementation Extension’ modules.

What are the key benefits of this solution?

Overall the solution supports the management of enterprise IT through the adoption, reuse and benchmarking of COBIT 5 best-practice goals, processes, objectives and measures.

Downstream benefits of using the iServer COBIT 5 solution include:

  • • Improving efficiency and optimising IT costs
  • • Delivering business benefits through the effective use of IT
  • • Limiting and governing IT-related risks within the organisation;
  • • Ensuring compliance with legislation and regulations, and
  • • Improving Return on IT Investment by achieving strategic goals


So, I hope this has given you a taste of how iServer can support the adoption of COBIT 5 in your organisation. If you’d like to find out more, the best way is to book an online demonstration with one of our consultants by clicking on the link below. Thanks for watching.

IT Governance COBIT Video