Our Sustainability Commitment

Driving Benefits Internally and Externally by making positive impact and change

The First Steps

The First Steps

We are determined to be leaders in the field of sustainability and technology. We measure our carbon emmissions and look to show improvements to our baseline ny 15% in 2023

In addition, we are pleased to announce our sponsorship of the SDIA, the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance. We will help steer the group as they work to create sustainable digital infrastructure across Europe.

New Capabilities

New Capabilities

Our product and partnerships roadmap also includes several new capabilities to help customers incorporate sustainability initiatives into their business and technology roadmap decisions.

Towards a Brighter Future

Towards a Brighter Future

Orbus staff will be able to contribute as well, with a series of new benefits and perks that will enable everyone to be greener.

This is only the beginning, so keep an eye out for our latest content on our internal and customer sustainability initiatives and product integrations.


Our Initiatives


We have secured a partnership with Planetly, a carbon management platform that will enable us to go Carbon Neutral and deliver carbon integrations to the iServer Suite


We are delivering exciting employee benefits to help our Orbeez be greener across their roles!

Partnering for Research

We will be partnering with teams from renowned universities as we examine the requirements for sustainable digital transformation with original research.

Sustainable Alliance

Sponsors of the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance.

We lead steering groups and facilitate the commercial implementation of sustainable solutions.

Microsoft Partner Pledge

We are signatories of the Microsoft Partner Pledge.

Signing the Partner Pledge commits Orbus Software to focusing on five critical goals with Microsoft: Digital Skills, Apprenticeships, Diversity, Ethical AI and Sustainability

Learn More

Orbus Software will always be at the cutting edge of digital sustainability and we regularly publish articles discussing the challenges and solutions that enterprise architecture can provide:

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Microsoft Partner Pledge Badge
Planetly by OneTrust

Interested in how EA tools can benefit your Sustainabilty iniatives?

We are currently partnering with leading SaaS platforms to build easy integrations allowing you to measure your sustainability actions.

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Gartner Peer Insights Award

Taken from Gartner: Recognition for Top Customer-Rated Companies

Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice distinctions recognize vendors and products that are highly rated by their customers. The data we’ve collected represents a top-level synthesis of vendor software products most valued by IT Enterprise professionals.