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Optimize your investment in OrbusInfinity with our professional services

Successful onboarding is the foundation for getting measurable value and outcomes quickly. And we do it pretty well.

Our implementations are based on our proven blueprint/project methodology - this can be as fast as four weeks. But you always set the pace and are in control at all times.

Onboarding is based on a one-team approach - no hand-offs, no dealing with different departments, everything is focused on you and your success.

Your dedicated Onboarding Manager will be working with you throughout your onboarding journey, together our expert team, who will all play a key part getting you to value quickly: 

  • Professional Service Consultant 
  • Your Customer Success Manager
  • Your Account Manager
  • Your Support Engineer


Here’s how we bring this formidable team together to ensure you get to value quickly, smoothly and effectively.

1. Kick-Start

KickStart is where all team members align around your key drivers, implementation objectives and success criteria as well as your long terms goals with OrbusInfinity.

We ensure everyone is on the same page and there is a clear timeline with joint responsibility and team ethos.

At the end of this phase, we will have clear next steps, ownership, and enablement path defined in order to take us to the provisioning of your OrbusInfinity platform

2. Set Up

Setting up OrbusInfinity and tailoring it to your needs is the next-step in the process, which will include:

1. Technical set up of OrbusInfinity by our Support Engineer;

2. Solution design workshops led by an Orbus Professional Services Consultant to clearly understand your detailed requirements and to guide you with expert knowledge;

3. Followed by configuration and tailoring of your OrbusInfinity instance as well as import of existing data and documents by an expert Orbus Consultant

3. Enablement

Whether you opt for enabling your teams via our online course, we run a train the trainer session with your core team or the more hands-on approach with our accelerator programs for fast time to value and long-term adoption, these are all possible options for your learning & enablement path for OrbusInfinity.

4. Go Live

The big day arrives.

We will have a debrief for lessons learned and to celebrate getting you to first value and the success milestone. To get here takes real team effort from the whole project team.

We will also look ahead to understand your needs through the adoption phase of our joint OrbusInfinity journey and plan next steps together.

Over the coming weeks, we will be on hand during Hyper Care to ensure everything runs smoothly.


of clients successfully onboarded

30 days to value

for out-of-the-box implementations

7 years

Gartner Peer Insights Customer Choice winner

"Excellent Implementation, Great Customer Service, and product lived up to sales claims"

Senior Principal Architect


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