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Rio Tinto

“We've had a lot of positive interactions that have led to us considering Orbus Software as a business partner.”

Principal Business Architect
Tyson Cable






Use Case

Business Architecture, Business Process Management, Business Continuity Management, Portfolio Management

The Challenge


Rio Tinto Iron Ore (RTIO) is part of multinational metals and mining corporation Rio Tinto. The whole company employs around 52,000 people across 35 countries to serve approximately 2,000 customers. RTIO is based in Pilbara, in Western Australia, with a network of 17 iron ore mines, four port terminals, and an extensive 2,000-kilometer rail network and related infrastructure. Its iron ore products are known for their quality and consistency and are the preferred choice in the Chinese steel industry. 

Like many businesses worldwide, RTIO wanted to better support its employees to do their jobs even more efficiently and effectively, across all levels of the business. It also wanted to improve the quality and timeliness of information, enabling leaders to make better decisions and resulting in better outcomes for the business. 

“That's why we decided that we needed a knowledge management tool and OrbusInfinity fit the bill,” says Tyson Cable, Principal Business Architect at Rio Tinto. 


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Orbus Software Enterprise Architecture


RTIO began using OrbusInfinity to meet these needs. Cable highlights the platform’s customization as a key benefit.  

“OrbusInfinity allows you to customize everything,” he says. “We could choose what type of objects and relationships we wanted. There are many out-of-the-box capabilities that you can sift through and use depending on their relevance to your use cases.”  

The Result

Employees across Rio Tinto can easily access information about job roles, processes, associated accountabilities and responsibilities, and use this to improve the way they work and collaborate. 

“The great interactivity of OrbusInfinity allows you to click on different objects and see the associated metadata and relationships. You can also see impact assessments which can inform change management,” says Cable.  

He plans to continue expanding and optimizing Rio Tinto’s use of OrbusInfinity, in part due to the level of support he has received from the team.  

“All the people at Orbus Software are excellent,” he explains. “They provide very good support. They actively listen to the problems that we have, and they make clear communicated steps around how they will address those issues. We've had a lot of positive interactions that have led to us considering Orbus Software as a business partner.”  

RTIO has built on this partnership to have strategic involvement in the development of OrbusInfinity for its own needs and those of other customers.  

“The account managers, success managers, consulting services and technical support teams – they’re all very good at what they do, and they are always trying to do the best they can for us.”  


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