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New York Power Authority

"You can just create a process and then use it again and again; it’s a lot easier than doing all that manual work in Visio."

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Use Case

Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Analysis

The Challenge

Having to comply with both state and federal regulations while at the same time competing against private companies on the free market presented the authority with a unique set of business challenges. The first one of these was the complex process of participating in the energy market. With its many intricacies and regulations, this consistently proved a bottleneck for acquiring new business. Seeing how a foundational capability was obstructed (their ability to sell energy to their customer base), the organization decided to look for a solution to the problem.

In addition, New York Power Authority was unable to get a clear picture of their enterprise application portfolio. Due to expanding operations throughout the years and new technologies constantly being adopted, their application portfolio had grown to comprise close to 700 entries. This impeded IT maintenance, delayed strategic investments, and made rationalization efforts difficult.

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The Result

Introducing iServer allowed New York Power Authority to successfully redesign a vital internal process that optimized the way they access the energy market. By embracing a cross-domain business case for iServer (from BPA to also include EA and SA), the organization established a solid APM practice. This is currently key to minimizing maintenance costs, and informs future expansion of the IT infrastructure thanks to the important insights it delivers. Finally, with the addition of the solution and enterprise and architecture teams, the authority greatly expanded its ability to carry out large IT projects safely and efficiently, as well as make sound strategic choices regarding future technology upgrades.


Why iServer?

Primarily, the authority was looking for a business process modeling tool. iServer offered the opportunity to continue using Microsoft Visio as a modeling environment, which was already heavily used by their modelers. It ensured a gentle learning curve which ensured minimal training, and the ability to leverage existing work via the platform’s import capability.


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