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A strong partnership starts with trust. That's why our SaaS solution is assessed to the highest standards, and we continue to evolve our offerings as the security landscape changes.

Find out how we keep your data safe and meet regulatory standards worldwide.



According to Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, 45% of all data breaches in the country in the second half of 2022 resulted from cybersecurity incidents. Robust and secure data management practices are no longer just a luxury but a necessity. 

Standards like the Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) play a critical role in safeguarding data. 

cloud security compliance 

What's IRAP? 

A security assessment program launched by the Australian Cyber Security Centre 

Assesses whether cloud services and products meet the strict rules of Australia's Government Information Security Manual 


Why does IRAP matter? 

IRAP has significant potential to protect public data by holding assessed vendors to high security standards  

Mitigates risk of catastrophic data leaks in public sector and government organizations 

cloud security compliance


What does our IRAP status mean to us and our customers?  

Our SaaS platform OrbusInfinity is IRAP assessed to PROTECTED level – the program’s highest standard for use of the cloud in a commercial environment. A stringent testing of the security functionality of our product, partners, and enterprise, 850 controls were assessed as part of the IRAP Certification procedure. Orbus is the only enterprise architecture provider to have undergone and passed this assessment.  

This accreditation, which is recognized and approved by the Australian government, demonstrates our dedication to surpassing not only the product functionality requirements but meeting the stringent security and compliance requirements of our clients.  

We are committed to providing a secure and reliable platform for all our customers regardless of the complexities of their requirements or their location around the world. By meeting IRAP's rigorous standards, we can ensure that our clients can trust us with their data, helping to drive operational transformation, cloud migration, and system modernization securely. 


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This white paper focuses on how to communicate a specific type of information, your application rationalization vision, from a number of perspectives.

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