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Enterprise Architecture

OrbusInfinity equips organizations with the essential tools required for enhanced agility.

Designed for enterprises operating in rapidly evolving and complex technological environments, our platform is ideal for organizations embarking on or accelerating their transformation journey. OrbusInfinity provides enterprises around the world with advanced analytical tools and data-driven insights that help align business strategies with technological initiatives, accelerate decision-making, and guide strategic transformations.

"Our solution architects are having more strategic conversations with portfolio leaders based on the data and it is really bringing a lot more value."

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Your enterprise could benefit from:

Centralized Collaboration Platform

A centralized platform designed to facilitate enterprise-wide communication and collaboration, driving transformation now and in the future.

Real-Time Information Access

Real-time, relevant, and accurate information that is readily available to address key stakeholder questions.

Standardized Change Methodology

A standardized methodology to enable change and support transformation.

Strategic Data Alignment

Strategic planning and alignment with data-driven insights.

Empower your decisions

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Data management

Easily collect and centralize information

Use a variety of capabilities to initialize your repository with data that represents your enterprise. Synchronize with source systems and engage users to keep the data up-to-date and bring more value through enriched insights and analytics. Ensure compliance with data governance policies and foster collaboration across teams to leverage collective expertise.


  • Utilize our user-friendly Excel importer to easily create your inventories using data from spreadsheets.
  • Experience the simplicity and functionality of rich list views to effectively search, navigate, manage, and control your data.
  • Consolidate your information to support better-informed decisions with integrations from specialist systems.

Holistic view of the enterprise

Use reference models to visualize the organization’s current state

Leverage guided tools, industry references, and best practices to swiftly create enterprise maps that accurately represent your organization. Customize and share these maps via familiar communication platforms.


  • Import reference content from industry standards, best practices, partner material, and community workshops.
  • Link mapping capabilities to reference models and enrich the current state of your business through established processes.
  • Use standardized diagram templates to present information efficiently and align conversations, ensuring that the interests of stakeholders are addressed through familiar formats.
  • Socialize the holistic view of the enterprise using dashboards, PowerBI reports, and views, and publish them to engage stakeholders across the organization.

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The big picture for everyone

Explore the enterprise landscape with powerful visualizations

Understand and communicate the state of your business using a variety of visualizations to adapt how you engage people with the ways they consume information. Communicate the enterprise footprint and enable all stakeholders to browse through content and understand the big picture.


  • Use Landscape view to navigate the enterprise model and magnify specific areas of interest for detailed analysis.
  • Employ traceability views to reveal your enterprise's operational dynamics and pinpoint inefficiencies and duplications.
  • Utilize matrix views to identify and examine the interdependencies across different areas of the organization.

Impact analysis

Analyze impacts and propose options for target direction

Leverage impact analysis tools and comprehensive report packages to understand how strategic goals and objectives affect the overall enterprise landscape. Evaluate various change options throughout the business and recommend a target enterprise vision.


  • Use visualizations and different perspectives to assess the effects of potential changes.
  • Employ pre-configured PowerBI analysis reports to examine alternatives while designing target landscapes that align with strategic goals.
  • Model and map the target state of the enterprise landscape to help you thrive in a competitive and ever-changing business environment.