Data Exchange

Bulk import content from external data sources into the iServer repository with the iServer Data Exchange module

What is Data Exchange?


iServer Data Exchange provides a REST API synchronizing iServer repository content with other systems and tool as well as an easy to use import wizard for the bulk import of data from Excel and XML data sources. Bulk imports can be scheduled to run automatically, saving time and ensuring the repository is always up to date with vital organizational data.


Features of Data Exchange



Make the repository a true reflection of the enterprise
Bulk import of data from XML and Excel sources
Ensure repository content is aligned to ‘real’ business data
Protect the credibility of your team’s work as it is placed within the context of the wider scope of the business



Informed Decisions

Business Outcomes

  • Save a huge amount of time importing data from all external sources into a central repository.
  • Content from business process modeling tools can be easily imported into the repository, allowing teams to leverage systems across the organization such as a CMDB.
  • It minimizes the effort required to keep tools in sync with the repository, while update feeds can be added to refresh and synchronize any external changes periodically.
  • Bulk import large catalogs with thousands of applications, attributes, technologies, and functions in minutes using the import wizard.

Empowering IT Professionals

Who uses it?


  • Senior Systems Administrators can easily and quickly load large amounts of data from legacy systems in Excel or XML formats into the iServer repository through an easy-to-use import wizard.
  • IT Operations Managers are able to easily import an application catalog with thousands of applications and attributes in minutes.
  • Enterprise Application Architects can ensure alignment to business data and augment objects with iServer relationships without the need for a change request process.
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