What do we provide?

Orbus Software technical support is available directly to customers in all regions.

The Technical Support teams sit directly alongside the software development and consultancy functions which mean we have unparalleled flexibility to deal quickly and effectively with customer support and enhancement requests.

We have in place a support structure, Support Services Statement (SSS) and End User License Agreement (EULA) to ensure we are able to respond to all customer requests and resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Our satellite offices around the world mean we have a support footprint in those key regions and expertise ‘on the ground’ to deal with local customer requirements.

How do we provide it?

What is the
benefit to you?

  1. Fast and convenient

    Fast and convenient support provided to resolve any issues and minimize any product downtime.

  2. Unlimited support

    Unlimited support is provided for all iServer users as part of the annual Support Services Statement.

  3. Direct, personal support

    Direct, personal support from Orbus Software's expert support staff, no intermediaries.

  4. Unparalleled flexibility

    Unparalleled flexibility to deal quickly and effectively with support and enhancement requests.

Customer Feedback about our
Consultancy and Implementation Teams

Customer Support Satisfaction*

Providing a high quality Customer Support is essential to the continued success of our Customers which is why we pride ourselves with the our Customer Support Satisfaction rating. We collect this information after each Support interaction to guage feedback and continually improve our service.

*based on the last 100 Customer Reviews